mantasha Sourcing always identifies new suppliers worldwide based on their product range, financial status, infrastructure, and environmental control, adherence to labour laws, manpower and efficiency of management, Information & Technological support. MANTASHA Sourcing continuously updates information on new manufactures and new products. Information pertaining to new varieties of fabric, accessories, and new technology, and quota availability are also updated.

Factory Evaluation: We take an extra step to source the most appropriate vendor for our customers. Before selection we thoroughly evaluate the Factory on the basis of the following assessment:

  • Factory design
  • Financial performance
  • Factory equipment & machinery
  • Factory productivity
  • Quota export performance
  • Prevalent working procedures
  • Factory past performance
  • Technical competency
  • Factory personnel competency
  • Factory reputation
  • Level of professionalism
  • Logistic Technological Support

We have formulated a Factory Evaluation Form: ‘’KFE Form’’ which is filled out for every factory and then based on the physical and financial assessment includes the creation of a rating grade to the factory. This rating grade can determine the number of Garments it can manufacture for MANTASHA Sourcing  Ltd as well as whether it has adequate production capacity. These services can be further extended in locally reliable fabric sources, dyers, and printers which ultimately promote the quality of merchandise. This is an important process as no factory should be overbooked, which causes delays in delivery and impacts production quality negatively. Factory assessments are an ongoing process. MANTASHA Sourcing Ltd is constantly investing time and effort in finding new factories which can meet the requirements of clients in terms of fashion and price.