Mantasha Tea sourcing has its own basket only internationally certified organic tea growers in Bangladesh. All the gardens are located in Srimongol, in the northernmost district of Sylhet, Bangladesh. They are inspired to produce high-quality organic teas to meet the growing demands of both local and foreign markets.

Mantasha Tea started its journey in 2000 with all the world-class growers. The grower acquired virgin lands which had never before been used for cultivation. After extensive research and consultation with the Bangladesh Tea Board, the plantation began on August 6, 2000.

Mantasha Tea entered the world market in 2019. It is esteemed to be one of the highest valued teas in the Chittagong tea auction since 2019. All the garden produces only organic tea, manufacturing bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides on-site with only natural and organic means.

Our grower manufacture both Orthodox and CTC organic teas for overseas and local markets:

1. Orthodox Tea: a) Orange Pekoe (OP), b) Flowery Orange Pekoe (FOP), c) Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (GFOP) d) Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (TGFOP).

2. CTC Tea: a) Broken Orange Pekoe (BOP) b) Golden Broken Orange Pekoe (GBOP) c) Pekoe Fannings (PF) d) Red Dust -RD

3. They also produce herbal tea, in which all the essence and ingredients also come own garden. They grow them 100% organically as well. The various flavors of herbal teas include Ginger, Tulsi & Lemongrass. Black teas include- Black Tea, First Flush Tea, Bengal Breakfast Tea, Added to these they have Green Teas such as Ginger Green Tea and Jasmine Green tea. They also produce exclusive teas like Oolong tea, Peppermint Tea, Neem Necter Tea, White Tea which they provide under the brand name of their own name. They have these varieties we only export to our foreign market & we do not provide them in our local market.

Our tea is currently available internationally under the Teatulia brand, and in the Bangladesh market under the Mantasha Tea brand. We export our varieties of tea across the globe.