Mantasha Denim is a market leader in quality denim manufacturing since 2010, the year of its foundation. Since then, the company has rapidly expanded, becoming a benchmark in Bangladeshi denim manufacturing. Mantasha Denim boasts a fully integrated production system from high-quality raw material to sewing and finishing to meet growing demand from our discerning customers. Every production line is equipped with superior European and Japanese machinery controlled by advanced software.- Considered the fastest growing garment manufacturer in Bangladesh, Mantasha Denim guarantees its customers a comprehensive, professional service, the highest quality products, outstanding designs, competitive prices, and fast and on-time delivery on par with international standards.

Our Commitment

Our plant is based in the seaport town of Chittagong which gives us a distinct advantage in terms of time and cost-saving and ensures that our product reaches our overseas customers on time.

From raw denim to finished product, our manufacturing process is controlled by experienced and dedicated employees.

Our Export partners

Mantasha Denim shares excellent trade relations with all its export partners.

The following are Denim Expert Limited’s export partners :
The US, Canada, The UK, Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Turkey.

Fibers for Life


At Mantasha Denims, our team focuses on developing a perfect balance between fashion and sustainability through treatment and fabric. Without compromising quality, we have eliminated many harmful practices to develop high quality denim fabric that become a staple in world class denim wear.


Our tailored methodology strives to evolve the denim industry as tastes and trends across the world demand new innovation, environmentally friendly and ethically produced denim. We offer a whole host of colors, dyes, textures and design of denims to the global market with a large capacity for quality production.


Our fashionable and sustainable denim products under the “Made in Bangladesh” label proudly has made its mark as the largest denim manufacturer in Bangladesh, by pioneering progress in denim production and setting the highest standard to the global industry.