The globalization of the world economy and trade are the major trends in the development of the modern economy. Globalization contributes to the acceleration of international trade that leads to the growing demand for shipping services because the growing trade requires more shipping since goods, materials, and supplies have to be delivered in time and to the target destination worldwide. Shipping services are essential for businesses, consumers, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Virtually all of them need shipping services.

Mantasha EPCM is a Bangladesh-India joint venture company, owning several stone mines in Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh & South India. We are a bonafide supplier of marble, granite, different sizes of stones chips & boulders to the different government mega projects in Bangladesh. To enhance the transportation of stones Mantasha Shipping Lines has been established for this purpose and we do export-import our products to different countries of the world. Alongside facilitating the company’s own transport Mantasha Shipping Lines has brought forth transports for others as well. Overall, we are working and would like to contribute our efforts to reach our country’s SDGs for infrastructure developments of Bangladesh as well as to the national growth and economy.

With the help of our experts, we are advancing towards our vision to be the leader within the shipping industry of Bangladesh. We are continuously enriching our fleets with top-notch barges, container ships, lighter abroad ships.  Maintaining world-class professionalism in every sector of work is our company’s motto & we are continuously reinventing ourselves to take care of those we serve.

We the Mantasha Shipping are here to fabricate a connected world in which our customers can trade successfully & make better decisions in every port & everywhere…..