Agriculture is the single most important sector of Bangladesh’s economy. 80% of the population 66% of the labor force) is engaged in agriculture. When we talk of rural development, the emphasis is on the development of agriculture, and agro-based industry, trade, and service sectors. With its nearly 130 million inhabitants, Bangladesh is one of the most populous countries in the world and potentially a  size market. Besides representing a potential market in itself (and potential access to the much larger South Asian market) Bangladesh also offers considerable potential as a base for export also. We can export huge quantities of peanuts, Oilseeds to the world market at a competitive price.

Agriculture till now is the main occupational activity in the rural areas as most of the population depends on agriculture for their livelihood and employment. A small stimulation will dynamite the rural economy and lead to improved quality of life. The management of MANTASHA  agro has therefore accorded the highest priority to this sector to enable the country to meet these challenges and promoting agro-based industries, to make this sector commercially profitable.

Agro Products


We aim to ensure exquisite tasting quality meats from our farm to your plate for your friends and family. We are supplying the best quality cow so everyone can enjoy the premium quality meat. Quality is our first priority.


Carcass reference Hindquarter (prime cut: Tenderloin from head to middle cut without the tail)
Special dish Stroganoff
Best suited cooking style Pan fry, Grill


Carcass reference Hind-quarter (in between Silverside and Knuckle). Boneless
Special dishes Casserole
Best suited cooking style Braise