At Mantasha Gold n Diamond, we specialize in supplying precious metals such as gold & diamond and we also have a wide range of products, including various types and sizes of gold bars, coins, medals, best diamond cuts, and other objects. Over the past years, Mantasha Gold n Diamond is working to rapidly move up the ranks to a leadership position, with a large share of the delicate gold & diamond supply market of Bangladesh. Our mission is to rate one of the top companies in Bangladesh in the field of gold and diamond. Our organization is managed professionally with qualified manpower and a clear vision.


Diamond Size: 2.7-3.3mm

The carat is the unit of weight of a diamond. Carat is often confused with size even though it is actually a measure of weight. One carat equals 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams. The scale below illustrates the typical size relationship between diamonds of increasing carat weights. Remember that while the measurements below are typical, every diamond is unique.
Diamond Scale

When it comes to a diamond’s measurements, carats and size are two different things. A diamond’s size is how large the diamond will look when viewed from above, while carats describe how much the diamond weighs. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams, so a five-carat diamond weighs one gram. 

A diamond’s size is described in millimeters (mm). These measurements are roughly comparable to carats. A 1-carat round diamond is typically 6.5 mm, while a 1.25-carat round diamond is 6.8 mm. For square-cut diamonds like princess, cushion, and asscher, 1-carat is typically 5.5 mm and a 1.25 carat is 6 mm. 



Many bullion investors know that all gold is labeled with purity. Most gold bars and coins have a purity of 999 or 9999, both of which qualify as investment grade. However, many investors are unaware of the process behind gold purification, and how the metal achieves this purity. Gold finesse, to put it simply, is all about gold purification.

Purification of a metal is the process of extracting the rock or mineral and boiling it down to remove all other metals or substances except the remaining gold. Refining gold to the purest possible levels is a metal producer’s prime goal. Let’s talk about how yellow metal achieves its gold standard.

‘In today’s world, everyone is looking for sustainable and risk-free investment methods. Compared to everything else, Gold is the only risk-free way to save and invest, a very sustainable method. These savings and investments are risk-free, profitable, and Shariah-compliant as the market price of gold continues to rise across the globe and in Bangladesh,

The imported gold standard of Reliable Commodities Exchange Co. is internationally tested and recognized. Swiss Minted 24 Carat Gold. As its sales value is the same at home and abroad, the consumer will never have to face any loss in terms of conversion rate. The price of this exquisite gold is set at BDT 6,675/gram (Changeable). It is available in 1-gram, 2.5-gram, 5-gram, 10-gram, 1-Tola (11.664 gram), 5-Tola, 1-ounce, and 100-gram sizes.